Questions to ask your local movers

Before calling any local movers, you should make sure that you are prepared with the questions that you should ask them. And not just that, but you should also prepare some information about your home, so you can have a better picture of what you want from your professional movers. Different local movers have different rules and services they can provide you with, so you should know how to get exactly what you want. If you are thinking that your move is too small or too big for some movers San Diego to perform for you – you are wrong! There are professional movers for every type of service nowadays. And since there are numerous local movers out there, it is getting more complicated to find the right team to help you out. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out with some questions that you should ask your local movers, and what to expect from their answer. Are you ready to start? Let’s go! 

What services do you offer?

First things first, after you have determined what type of service do you need – you need to check if your local movers can help you out with it. Most of the local movers can help you with various types of services unless you are looking for something more specific, such as moving medical equipment or something like that. So, you should put on paper the list of services that you need. Do you need your local movers to help you with apartment moving or an office move? Or do you have a lot of stairs that professional movers need to handle or maybe some excessively heavy items? All of that affects the number of local movers and the type of service that they can provide you with. The most important thing to know is if your local movers can handle your move properly or not. Once you know that, you will easily learn more about anything else that you need to know. 

Are there any hidden charges?

There are numerous affordable movers out there, and they are offering different rates for the service they are offering. No matter what the price might be, your local movers should be honest and transparent when they are offering the price. Some professional movers can have additional charges, and that is completely fine. However, you should find out about those charges before the local movers arrive. Some professional movers might have an hourly price that doesn’t include some services or fuel, or they might be charging California double drive time fee. That is all good as far as you know about it ahead of time. If the price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t forget to read the confirmation email carefully to see if there is something that you didn’t catch over the phone. Planning your budget is one of the most important things when you are organizing a local move, so you need to be prepared for everything. Professional movers will be there to help you plan the moving budget properly. 

How many professional movers do I need?

proffesional local movers

As we have mentioned, the number of local movers depends on various factors. Every move is for itself, therefore every client needs to get an individual moving plan that will meet their expectations. Local movers will need to learn more about the size of your home, heavy items, stairs, and your needs so they can determine how many local movers should they recommend to you. You should always listen to what your professionals have to say because they have much experience to know what might be the best for your upcoming move. The number one priority should be to have enough local movers who can safely and efficiently perform your move. Of course, when you are planning a bigger moving project, you will require more local movers. One thing is the same with every company and that is that the minimal number of local movers that you can get is two. 

Do you have any restrictions for moving some items?

Professional movers have some sort of restrictions when it comes to the weight of the items. There are some common rules that local movers have, and that is they cannot move anything heavier than a certain weight. Most of the professional movers cannot move anything that is heavier than 400 to 500 lbs, depending on their policy. If you have something that is excessively heavy, such as a piano, a pool table, a fountain, or anything of that sort that is not considered a regular household item – you should let your professional movers know, so they can plan and execute your move the right way. Even if your local movers cannot move something for you, many specialized professional movers can take care of the specific items for you. Especially if you have a piano or something of that sort, you should hire specialized piano movers since they will ensure your piano is handled the right way. Also, some local movers cannot move some items not because they are too heavy, but because they are too fragile. If you have some medical or dental equipment, you might need to find specialized local movers for that as well. 

movin items

Are you licensed and insured?

Whenever you are in need to hire local movers, you should try to find a company that is licensed and insured. Considering there are numerous professional movers out there, that can be a good thing, but it can be a bad thing as well. It’s a good thing that you can choose what company suits your needs the best, and you are always able to find affordable movers no matter the budget you have prepared for the move. On the other hand, the fact there are numerous local movers out there, means that it will be hard for you to find the right company to use. And yes, we are aware that the local movers don’t have the best reputation, and the reason for that are numerous companies that are not licensed. When you hire professional movers that are not licensed, you don’t have any type of protection. But when you hire licensed local movers, you have insurance included in the price as well. It is usually basic coverage insurance, which is 60 cents per pound and it is automatically applied with local movers, you don’t have to purchase it additionally. If this seems too low, licensed professional movers always let their clients get additional third-party insurance, so you don’t have to worry about that. No matter what, it is always best to have licensed local movers by your side so you can feel more protected. 

Do you do background checks for your local movers?


At the end of the day, you are letting a bunch of strangers in your home, handle your belongings that not only have material value but also emotional and you want to know they are background checked and that you can have them without worry. Also, professional movers should be background checked, trained, and experienced before they start performing the actual jobs. This is not an unusual question, your local movers can confirm that they get it regularly. All of their team members should also have regular tests that will show their company that they are convenient to perform moves. 

What if something gets damaged during the move?

When you start planning your move, you are thinking about many things that you should take care of, and none of them includes damages to your items. That is always an option, but when you hire professional movers, you tend to think that it is impossible. But as we like to say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially when we are talking about the damages. Your items are valuable to you, so you should do everything to keep them safe. Before your moving day arrives, you should know how the procedure looks like if something gets damaged. Usually, you just need to call back your local movers and file a claim with them. After that, they will investigate the case further and present you with their offer. Even though they have basic coverage insurance, if they are serious professional movers, they will try to find the best solution for the issue that occurred. Also, you might need to provide some pictures or any evidence about the damages. 

What if I lose something during the move?

In case you lose something during the move, the procedure should be the same as when something gets damaged. Once you figure out that you cannot find something, you should just reach back to your local movers and they will inspect the moving truck and their warehouse to see if your items are maybe left there by accident. That is the best-case scenario because you know you will get them back. But you should call your professional movers once you unpack everything and you are sure that those items are missing. 

lost stuff during the move

Can you pack for me?

Most of the local movers can help you with packing, but since that is not a standard service they are offering, so you will have to request it additionally. But don’t worry, professional movers will be more than happy to help you with your packing too. This will help you finish everything much faster and your items will be safer. If it fits your budget, hiring local movers and packers is the best decision you can make! 

How early in advance do I need to reserve my spot?

After you have found your perfect local movers, the last thing you want to happen to you is that they get booked up because you couldn’t decide when to book the professional movers. After that, you will have to change your schedule or look for other local movers. There is no much time for thinking but check with your professional movers if they can keep you on the spot for at least a couple of hours. 

What is your cancellation policy?

When booking local movers, you will probably have to leave some deposit to them. And you don’t want to lose it because you were not informed about the cancelation policy. Many professional movers have a non-refundable cancellation policy, but that is not the rule. Also, if you need to reschedule your move, you should know how early in advance you should call your local movers to let them know about the new date. 

What if professional movers are late?

Professional movers are usually getting to your home in time, but things can happen and they can be late. Your local movers should let you know that they will be late. In that case, they should inform you about your options at that point. 

Do I need to be present when local movers arrive?

If you can’t take a day off work, you should check with your local movers if you have to be there on a moving day. If not, you will have to find someone to sign the agreements in your name with your professional movers. 

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