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Moving from or to an apartment can often present challenges that residential or commercial movers have not yet encountered. Keeping an eye out for all of these details is essential for a smooth relocation. Our years-worth of experience in apartment moving has earned us a reputation as one of the best and most affordable apartment moving companies in the area. We schedule moves seven days a week to accommodate both your needs and the requirements of your apartment management.

Planning is the key to a successful relocation

Every successful move has a ton of planning, organizing, and coordinating behind it. After careful consideration of many apartment movers near you and, hopefully, booking our apartment movers at the end, it’s starting time. It all begins with our experienced relocation specialists. After you tell us more about your move our expert staff will come up with the best moving plan for you. From the right number of apartment movers to the number and size of moving trucks. Everything will be tailored according to your specific moving situation, needs, and special requests. No matter how big or small, we are equally dedicated to every move and will make sure you get the best of the best.

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Coordinating directly with your building management

What makes apartment moves so different are actually the buildings where each apartment is. Most properties have different, specific requirements that you should honor during moving out or moving in processes. We will coordinate everything with your building rules to save you from any unpleasant surprises on your moving day. It's best to let us know about these details ahead of time so that we can avoid any hiccups on your moving day. Reserving your elevator beforehand, moving within specific and limited time frames, or reserving the entrance or the parking spot in front of it are just some of the many specific rules that should always be taken into consideration.

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Narrow hallways and flights of stairs are never a big deal

Our movers are professionally trained, to handle every situation with ease and professionalism, and chances are, they’ve probably seen it all before as well. For that reason each apartment movers team has at least one highly experienced mover. Ensuring everything goes as planned and that any obstacle is tackled within a few minutes is a piece of cake for Chula Vista Movers.

Our apartment movers provide exceptional furniture disassembly service and assembly as well as a part of every move. Every piece of furniture you own will arrive undamaged at your new address and will be easily maneuvered through your apartment complex. Packing is optional and if you do hire our professional movers for it, even though packing is free of charge, packing supplies will be charged for. One thing is for sure, your items will be safely wrapped and boxes securely tapped so nothing breaks or falls out. Not even narrow hallways and stairwells are a problem for Chula Vista Movers. We can make the impossible happen just to ensure you get everything promised.

Stay relaxed throughout the entire process

With apartment moves, it is particularly crucial for your moving crew to remain completely alert at all times. This will ensure that if any issues do arise during your moving day, they know how to handle the situation appropriately and never jeopardize the safety of your belongings or the smoothness of your move.


Moving insurance

We don’t like to take chances so we made sure every possibility is covered. In case something does happen, your belongings get damaged or building walls scratched, insurance will keep your bank account safe. You’ll be compensated accordingly.


Customer support

One more thing to keep you at peace is customer support. Through the entire process moving experts will be just a phone call away, seven days a week. Any question that is troubling your mind or any problem compromising your move can be taken care of in a short time.


No hidden fees

Believe it or not, all that is possible without compromising your budget. Transparent and upfront services and rates are the only way to go when hiring Chula Vista Movers and that is the reason we are one of the best apartment moving companies in San Diego. Hidden fees are the only thing we can’t provide but we are confident you won’t resent us for it.