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Are you decluttering or downsizing your home? Perhaps you're in the middle of a move and require a temporary home for your belongings. Having the option of moving into storage is important nowadays; with small living spaces come large needs, and you may want to relocate some or all of your belongings to a storage unit. Our moving and storage services San Diego residents can book with just one simple phone call. Spare yourself from unnecessary worrying and stress, and let Chula Vista Movers handle everything instead.

We helped countless clients move in and out of their storage units

We believe in responsibility, respect, and security, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost care. Working as one of the moving and storage companies San Diego has to offer for almost two decades, we managed to perfect our skills and with all gathered experiences we will easily handle all your requests. No matter the reason – we can help you safely store your items as we did for many satisfied clients before.


Support throughout the entire moving process

It all starts with our dedicated relocation specialists. Within the first few seconds of your call, you'll get a sense of how professional moving and storage companies San Diego is served by operate. After you tell us more about your situation and needs we will provide you with possible solutions. Our relocation specialists will familiarize you with our moving and storage services as well as provide an accurate cost estimate. When you think everything through and, possibly, hire Chula Vista Movers, it’s time to roll.

Our experts will come up with the best moving plan based on your requests, needs, and unique moving situation, with safety and efficiency as top priorities. They will advise you on the optimal number of movers and trucks, as well as their size, in order to achieve the best results. Besides that, in case any new questions or problems appear throughout the process, customer support will be available 7 days a week. Always ready to assist you and ease your mind during this experience.

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Packed, wrapped, and in perfect condition

As your items are being transported to their temporary home, they must be adequately protected so nothing is damaged while in storage. Our professional packers and movers will ensure that all of your belongings are packed, wrapped, and in perfect condition throughout the whole stay. We will handle all of the heavy lifting and stacking, picking up your items, transporting them safely, and dropping them off with no hassle on your end. If you’re not in the mood for packing, we can help you in that field as well.

We're fully equipped to meet your expectations; we're experts at taking into account every detail of your move and efficiently moving your items in and out of storage. Making sure that your storage unit is used up to its full potential is of key importance, and our movers are professionally trained to do so.

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No heavy-lifting

Yes, safety of your belongings is very important but yours is too. With our moving and storage services San Diego residents can avoid enormous medical bills. Lifting heavy and large items when you are nor familiar with the right techniques can be fatal. Your arms, legs, joints, and especially spine and back muscles will thank and adore you. Reduce the risk of injuries to zero by hiring moving and storage companies San Diego offers. Chula Vista Movers are more than ready to assist you.

Insurance? Yes! - Hidden fees? No!

The best thing to keep you at peace during the moving process is insurance. Covered from start to finish so in case something happens there is no need for panic. Every damaged object will be compensated for. One more thing to ensure your budget is not jeopardized, absence of hidden fees. There won’t be any unwanted and unexpected charges on the moving day. Moving estimates we provided at the beginning are accurate and if everything stays the same on your side of the deal, nothing changes on ours either.